About Darryl E Berry Jr

I was a member of the Holy Tabernacle Ministries for a few years, propagating the “doctrine,” teaching classes. Eventually I moved to Georgia to be close to “the land,” primarily for the purported year 2000 celestial catastrophe. But soon I learned it was all a sham. Pun intended.

Malachi York was good about identifying the faults in other religions. But when I began applying the same logic to “his teachings” I began to find the same flaws and more.

Here are some things I’ve found, observed, and experienced. Utilize the menu on the top-right to navigate. The following links can help you get started.

Go to the “To posts…” link at the end of the page to read articles debunking Nuwaupianism/Nuwaubianism. You can read more of my work, and learn about my other teachings, classes, and efforts, at https://www.darryleberryjr.com.

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