Your Plagiarism of My Article on York’s Plagiarism

Saturday, December 07, 2019

Hello Chuck Morgan,

First, I’d like your answer to the following question, please: Do you know that in your article about York’s plagiarism in the El Magaraj book, you plagiarized my article about the same topic?

Your article is here:

My article is here:


First, you utilized images I scanned, without attributing the image scanning to me. That’s not as big a matter, as they are scans of the covers of others’ books. Yet – especially seeing as they are integral to points in the article – it’s proper to attribute that they were taken from my article. For instance, the Maguraj book cover was clearly taken from my article.

(Composite image from Chuck Morgan’s article, comprising unattributed scans by Darryl E Berry Jr (Morgan, 2019).)

(Original scan by Darryl E Berry Jr (Berry, 2019).)

Thus, I can assume the Pyramid Energy cover image, as well as all the interior book images, were also from my article. Is this the case?


You start your article by saying, “we’ll present to you more evidence of theft, the stealing of intellectual property and presenting it as his own” (Morgan, 2019). Yet your article does the same thing – you took ideas directly from my article and published them as if they were your own ideas. You state:

“The book was called, Pyramid Energy: The Philosophy of God, The Science of Man, it was a compilation of two books by four authors and friends, Pyramid Energy and the Second Coming by Dean & Mary Hardy, and Marjorie & Kenneth Killick was published in 1981, and Pyramid Energy Explained by Mary and Dean Hardy, Kenneth Killick, Jim Keating, and three initiates, was published in 1979. These two books were combined by these authors into the one publication involving Pyramid Energy.”(Morgan, 2019, para. 4; para. 5, sentence 1).

This almost perfectly mirrors my paragraph highlighting these books (Berry, 2019). You simply swapped some words up and around:

“Furthermore, the book Pyramid Energy: The Philosophy of God, the Science of Man is itself a combination of two previously published books by this group of authors. These previous two books are Pyramid Energy and the Second Coming by Dean & Mary Hardy and Marjorie & Kenneth Killick which was published in 1981, and Pyramid Energy Explained by Mary Hardy, Dean Hardy, Kenneth Killick, Jim Keating, and Three Initiates which was published in 1979. I repeat – these two even earlier books are combined by these authors into the one publication Pyramid Energy, which itself also predates El Maguraj” (Berry, 2019, para. 2).

Then you copy my idea of pointing out clearly that York is claiming authorship of this work. I didn’t randomly do this. I was addressing a Nuwaubian who started claiming that York didn’t write all the books, when I started pointing out the plagiarism (personal conversation, 2019).

You state:

“In the opening of the book El Maguraj, York clearly takes credit as the author of the publication, which is his claim to being the exclusive one writer of this publication with NO citations attributing this work to any other author.” (Morgan, 2019, para. 5, sentence 2).

“Now that its established that York took FULL credit for the authorship of this book, the book details the prayer/pilgrimage around a small black pyramid on the then property of Malachi York.” (Morgan, 2019, para. 6).

This is where the idea was clearly copied from in my article:

“The El Maguraj book was the first instance of plagiarism I became aware of in Malachi York’s writings. And first I want to make sure to establish that he is claiming authorship. We can see on the cover of El Maguraj that one of York’s pseudonyms is listed where authors’ names are commonly placed on book covers: Pharaoh: Amunnubi Ruakhptah” (Berry, 2019, para. 3).

“On the first page of El Maguraj is a full color image of York further showing him to be the “author.” And he’s in full regalia, with an apron and fez and staff and chalice. Tassels on his shoulder, and so forth” (Berry, 2019, para. 4).

“On the next page of El Maguraj it says “AUTHORED BY: THE SUPREME GRAND MASTER NAYYHA: MALACHIZODOK YORK-EL.” So, there is no question that Malachi York is claiming authorship of this book El Maguraj. Establishing that York is claiming authorship of El Maguraj is quite relevant to a point I’ll bring up later in this article” (Berry, 2019, para. 5).

It’s clear that except for swapping words around and/or paraphrasing, you’re copying points from my work, and the order of these points.

Then throughout the article it seems that you further utilize images from my article, along with the points specific to those images, all from my article without attribution:

“York is claiming that the double helix coming out of the “black pyramid” above is some type of energy, like the old “Pyramid Power” belief of the late 1960’s and 70’s.  The above image isn’t even of a black pyramid, it’s a white pyramid yet York is trying to pass that image off as a black one. We see this SAME EXACT image of a “double helix” rising, from another, much older book mentioned earlier called Pyramid Energy: The Philosophy of God, the Science of Man page X (10)” (Morgan, 2019, paras. 13-14).

I say further on:

“On page 14 of El Maguraj there is an image of a pyramid with a double helix rising from it. (And notice the alteration in the bottom image as if energy is coming from the smaller pyramids.) I found this double helix image to be directly plagiarized from the Introduction on page X (10) of the prior published Pyramid Energy: The Philosophy of God, the Science of Man.” (Berry, 2019, paras. 9-10).

Again, except for a few swapping of words it’s clear you’re presenting my ideas but not directly attributing those ideas to me. It’s not clear in your article that those lines are simply paraphrasing from my article.

When I requested that you present my article on your website, I meant literally to present the entire thing and to rightly list me as the author. I’ve presented articles to other websites before. Never did they print my article but then attach their name as the author and just leave a mention of me at the very end with no link. They presented my article, in its entirety, and with me as the author. They didn’t present the article as if they wrote it.

In the very last paragraph of the article you rightfully mention me as “the main source” (Morgan, 2019), but you don’t even provide a single link to my article or to my website so people can easily access it. This is common practice in utilizing online sources in an online article, or any source in any writing. And it’s just common courtesy as far as I’m concerned.

You said you wanted to make edits (personal conversation, 2019), and I agreed with the understanding of the common practices with any publication. The few publications that wanted to make edits to my articles, any edits to the article I approved before it was published. And usually they pointed out things they’d like changed, and I did it. Even if they made a change, I approved it first, and still they presented the edited article with me as the author. This is the standard practice, the intellectually honest practice, and as I see it just common courtesy.

They didn’t just make edits and then publish the article with their name as the author, and without having the true author validate the changes first. What you did here was suggest to me that you’d like to make a few edits to my article, but then without me verifying it first you took my ideas and published them as your own. To make word swaps and additions and then publish the article and the ideas as your own is not editing but is plagiarism. As you seem to know, by your posting of definitions of plagiarism with a link to a plagiarism website (Morgan, 2019, paras. 40-58).

You encouraged me to write more articles on York and these topics. But I’m not interested in writing more articles just for you to plagiarize them. To contrast, I directly and plainly linked to your website in my article when referred to your website or your ideas:

“Honestly the black pyramid was only fixed up when they were gonna have people coming through to take that fake pilgrimage. For the most part it was a place where you just had a bunch of storage stuff stored in it like books, tools, work tools. Sometimes people had sex in it. They used the loudspeaker to play music or the OM chant. And later on to play Christian songs and Jesus chants. But it was pretty much used as a storage unit. Every year during the Savior’s day of course they fixed it up to make it look good. I remember when we cleaned it out. He had a lot of junk in there. A lot of books stored up in there. You know we just had to clean the stuff out because the Savior’s Day was coming around, so he had to make it look like it was the Holy of Holies. It was a front. It was Christmas time to him. But it was Savior’s Day, or Savior’s Week. It went from day to week, where he made the bulk of his money. You know he can do nearly a million dollars during that whole week, or more, cuz of the books being sold, all the things people donated, all kinda stuff.” (Chuck Morgan’s eye witness testimony on the black pyramid on the Nuwaubian land: (Berry, 2019, para. 7).

“Malachi York was consistently plagiarizing from ‘white devils.’ (See Chuck Morgan’s for more.)” (Berry, 2019, para 25).

“It is clear to any honest and critically thinking person that a great divine being with “76 trillion years of knowledge” ( would not need to plagiarize even one sentence from anyone, and especially not from ‘the devil.” (Berry, 2019, para. 26).

So, it’s clear that when I referred to your writing or ideas or videos, I put up a link directly to you and referring to you right there in the article next to the borrowed ideas. Yet, though you listed me and noted my articles title as “the main source” in the very last paragraph of your article (Morgan, 2019), you didn’t refer to me when you utilized my ideas and efforts throughout the article, and you didn’t add even one link to my article or webpage, not even in the single attribution to me (Morgan, 2019). Again, I’d think it would be a common courtesy to any source to add references and links when you copy ideas within the article right where they are copied, as I did with your ideas. And you know how to add links in articles, as you added a link to the website citing it as “Source (Morgan, 2019, para. 58). And I’m learning that to be even more scientific and standard, a reference list should be added at the end of the article.

When referring to York you said that York “took NO STEPS in separating his words and thoughts from the sources he copied material from. Re-writing someone else’s comments or re-producing statements by a previous writer’s intellectual property is plagiarism” (Morgan, 2019). Yet I’ve shown that you did the same thing with me and my comments and statements and efforts and intellectual property. You didn’t separate my words and thoughts from your own. And you didn’t even leave a link so people can easily see that for themselves.

So, I ask a third question, what ideas do you have for making this right? 


Berry Jr, D E. (2019, August 25). Ask the Nuwaupians /Nuwaubians, Are the Four Friends Dean Hardy, Mary Hardy, Marjorie Killick, and Kenneth Killick, Some Of The Masters Who Guide Malachi York’s Pen? Retrieved December 6, 2019, from

Morgan, C. (2019, August 21). Ask The Nuwaupians, Did You Know Dr. York’s El Maguraj Book Is Full Of Plagiarized Statements From Another Book? Retrieved December 6, 2019, from

Copyright (C) 2019 Darryl E Berry Jr